About Us

The Healthy Acres Healthy Communities Foundation was formed in 2016 for the purpose of providing philanthropic support to the programs of Missoula County Department of Ecology & Extension.  The foundation, alongside the Department of Ecology and Extension, actively promotes and encourages cooperation with diverse public and private partners to develop effective, sustainable solutions that make our community and lands healthy and productive.  Partnerships with private landowners, the U.S. Forest Service, Five Valleys Land Trust and several other agencies and organizations allow individuals, communities and ecosystems to flourish.


An engaged community cultivating vibrant, thriving urban and rural lands forever.


Healthy Acres Healthy Communities Foundation is a charitable organization created to provide philanthropic support for the Missoula County Department of Ecology and Extension in its mission to provide coordination, educational outreach and training using current research-based information and resources to address the needs of the public in the areas of Land Management, Youth Development, and Family and Consumer Sciences.


  • Partnership We strive to create beneficial partnerships to support our mission and vision for Missoula and its residents.
  • Ongoing We work to create education and knowledge for long-term success.
  • Communication We are communicative, building strong bonds with our partners and the community.
  • Relevant We believe in life-long learning and education and bringing the most current information to our efforts.
  • Adaptive We adapt to changing environments and information for the benefit of those who we serve.
  • Optimistic We believe in solutions to the challenges of our community.
  • Committed We work hard and smart for all.
  • Passionate We are enthusiastic, emotional and driven to educate and care for the challenges of keeping Montana great for generations to come.
  • Respectful We know our community, its challenges and the importance of our work to those we serve.