Board of Directors

Kari Brittain, Chair

Kari has held a life-long love of the environment.  She has a BS in Landscape Architecture and extensive experience in Her passion for its health and well-being has led her to always search to learn more, to make the world a prettier and cleaner place to live and to work.  She sees the landscape as art, as a painting, as something that evolves and brings with it changes and renewal.  She is always willing to share her knowledge, skills and passion with clients, her staff and her community. 

As a business woman and mother, she is steadfast in her commitment to the health and future preservation of the lands and waterways of Montana for her family and all who share in its beauty.

Melanie Bengtson, Vice Chair

Kayla, Mascari, Secretary

Ken Stolz, Treasurer

Shawn Clouse PhD.

Bev Gutman

Charlotte Iverson

Bill Caras, Past Chair

Jean Jenkins, Foundation Coordinator

Missoula County Department of Ecology and Extension

Bryce Christiaens, Director

Gerald W. Marks, MSU Extension Agent