Missoula County Ecology and Extension

Missoula County Department of Ecology & Extension strives to provide coordination, educational outreach, and training to address the public’s needs in Land Management, Youth Development, and Family and Consumer Sciences. We actively promote and encourage cooperation with local, state, tribal, and federal partners beyond the boundaries of Missoula County to support work to advance our mission and promote positive outcomes for the benefit of Missoula County and its residents.

The Healthy Acres Healthy Communities Foundation is proud to support these programs and the services they provide making our community and lands healthy, productive and sustainable.

Major Program Areas:

Collaborative Leadership

brings together a diversity of stakeholders and interests to develop solutions to complex problems. Program examples include development of Montana Cut Flower Association, Montana Berry Growers Association and the Montana Biocontrol Coordination Project.

Research & Monitoring

informs our education and outreach events, materials, recommendations and on-the-ground activities. Examples include development of effective biocontrol systems for the management of noxious weeds and monitoring mosquito populations within the Lolo mosquito district for species composition and potential for diseases like West Nile.


Youth Development

programs providing mentorship and service-based learning opportunities in natural resources, agriculture, and community development. Major program areas include Missoula county 4-H, Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Youth in Restoration.

Adult Education

in the form of hands-on learning opportunities focused on conveying science-based information to help residents in Missoula County be successful in a broad range of areas, from food preservation to land management. Program examples include Powerful Tools for Caregivers, Master Gardener, Healthy Acres Seminars and Grow it, Eat it, Preserve it.

Public Assistance

via 1-on-1 consultations, site visits, and demonstrations focused on providing Missoula County residents access to the resources they need to be successful. Examples include access to our Plant Clinic for identification of plant and pest problems, Integrated Pest Management recommendations, garden demonstrations at the Rocky Mountain Gardens, and grant writing & management for landscape-scale restoration efforts on private and public lands.

Land and Resource Management

focused on mitigating the economic and environmental impacts of both terrestrial and aquatic invasive species in Missoula County. This includes the active management of new invasive species like rush skeletonweed, the management of the Clearwater watercraft inspection station and pollinator habitat restoration efforts.

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